Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things are getting tense.

I've lived through plenty of pre race weeks with Steve by now. The little races aren't too bad. The ironman races were the worst.

Anyway, I know him now and I'm used to the routine so I no longer automatically assume that he has come to the realization that he actually hates me, feels the walls closing in and probably won't come home from work tomorrow...or ever!

It's not personal, I see that now. He's actually stressed over race day. Cool Hand Luke, former Marine Corp Pilot and 4 time IM finisher is apprehensive, anxious, tight and uneasy!
Me, when I'm stressed, unhappy or not feeling well, my mouth runneth over. Steve is the opposite, his mouth closeth up, in a sort of straight, tense line that opens only slightly so that he can tell me, through clenched teeth, that he has to be in bed at 9:00 p.m. sharp, that we'd better be packed and ready to leave at ____ sharp; (the time mysteriously seems to get earlier every time he announces it), that I need to be quiet, the cats need to be quiet, that the world had better just stop whatever it's doing because otherwise we are all going to RUIN HIS RACE!!!

Pre race nerves are a definite part of my lexicon now...let the games begin!


kate said...

oh the things we endure for those we love and the things we make loved ones endure in our time of preparation and focus... how hard it was to tell my family straight up that I needed to be left alone for awhile after they had come all the way from Iowa to watch me at Lake Placid. Hang in there Missy, it all pays off in the end :)

Russ, Bren and Lance said...

Missy, it must be a guy thing because my sweet IM-to be also closeth-up too. LOL!!

Be easy on Steve!