Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fork'd up!

How could something this beautiful be bad? I was supposed to ride it this weekend; the Blue Ridge Extreme. Not sure I want to be doing anything extreme on a bike whose steering tube could break at any minute. I'm already a big time DC (descending chicken!) without having to worry about whether I'll be able to navigate an S curve at 30+ miles per hour. I have the Giant, it even has a triple; but it also does a pretty scary version of the Harlem Shake on every descent. Not good if you're a DC!

Sarah and Shane are counting on having a "let's pretend the condo is ours" night and will be really bummed when I say I'm not going. (I understand the whole "Yea! Parents out of town!! thing, I really do. but it is sort of disheartening when I tell her we're going out of town this weekend and she says "Really!" with the enthusiasm of a lottery winner.)

Maybe I can plan a 'forks fixed fall fun ride'?

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