Monday, July 21, 2008


Steve started calling me "Super M" because my exploits down at the courthouse really made me feel like a superhero! I was saving people from Jackass towing!! Sort of like the Dark Knight on a smaller scale.

Unlike Batman; a superhero alone in his mighty deeds. I'm surrounded by superheros aka Ironmen! Congratulations to all my superhero/ironman friends. Kate who came damn close to breaking the 12 hour mark on her very first IM in Lake Placid no less! Kevin (or the Green Kevlin as he is affectionately known) for completing his third IM in torrential conditions; and Superhero Steve Herron for his Lake Placid IM win this year after a heartbreaking DNF last year!
I was glued to my laptop all day yesterday and it was awesome! Thanks you guys for a truly exciting, inspiring day.


kate said...

Thanks Missy... don't know if you read my race report - but you were my superhero on Saturday. You and Steve totally calmed me down and I was able to finish taking in some much needed pre-race dinner carbs and calories! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Missy - please feel free to come to the lake and swim anytime (but don't swim alone - bring a buddy)! No jellys!! You don't need a wet suit either...the water is warm.