Friday, July 25, 2008

Good News - Bad News

Some good things:

I swam 1,700m in the pool tonight; and even more incredible; I liked it!

I worked a hot dog stand at the ampitheater last week during the Warped tour with some folks from my gel group; earned money for the homeless people and had alot of fun. (all part of my effort to prove that it is possible to have fun without swimming/biking/running or talking about swimming/biking/running)

I have a great new student. A 'little person'. She has deformed arms so she can't swim the way I'm trying to learn to swim, but she is part of the reason I felt so great in the pool tonight. She gave me great advice -"you gotta trust yourself in the water". (out of the mouths of babes...and little people)

I checked off almost everything on my 'to do' list this week and did every single swim/bike/run in my training plan.

Some Bad things:

Sarah went to Florida for the next 4 days; I miss her already!

In my quest to study the entire bible (which I started 6 weeks ago); I'm still plugging my way through Genesis! (at this rate I'll be 90 before I even get to the new testament!)

I keep forgetting to do the work in the on line class that I'm taking!

I really do not like my new kitty - not at all!

I haven't been a superhero all week : {

Vince is leaving to start a church on the Las Vegas Strip! (I actually cried over this one!)

Goals for next week:

More good things...Less bad things...

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Train-This said...

Way to go MISSY! Those goals rule!!! Thanks for your many kind words, it's helped so much!