Monday, January 25, 2010


Change - a. To give a completely different form or appearance to; transform

Reading over my past blog posts I realized many things have really changed for me since the fall of 2008. Positive changes. Although never a fan of consistency - mostly because I had no idea how to accomplish such a thing - I made a vow to begin to schedule run training. So for three months now Mon is easy day, Tues is speedwork day, Wed bike, Thurs 'tempo' day and Saturday long run day. Sunday is long bike day and Friday is a freebie - for now anyway.

I missed a bike session here and there but have been pretty consistent with the run schedule. I have gradually increased my long run distance as well as the distances on the Mon and Thurs run. I do the same run every Tues and in two months have knocked two minutes off the time it takes me to do that run AND the run is easier. Running has gotten much much better for me!

I attribute about 70% of that to the consistent schedule. I don't have to think about what day to do which run, I just follow the schedule and adjust only my mileage.

The other 30% of the credit goes to a consistent hot yoga practice - consistent as in two times a week for about six months. I love yoga. I feel so much better. No more achy hips, sore knees and general all over feeling of being 152 yrs old. Yoga is the perfect compliment to the pounding and punishing aspect of running and I love it!

I'm still not fast, not by a long shot. But I am having fun running and I feel good, strong, awesome even.

My first goal is the Shamrock half marathon in March. I wish I could say my goal is to break 2 hours - how about: my dream goal is under 2 hours, my -not realistic but hey it could happen goal is under 2:15 and my -I can probably do that goal is to break 2:20.

Distance series this weekend. 15k which really for me is a long run not a race. Race report next....

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