Sunday, December 28, 2008

Friend: a person you know well and regard with affection

For the past two years I followed a blog by Leroy Sievers. He worked for NPR, had colon cancer and decided to blog about it. It was a wonderful blog; the man definitely had a gift for writing. He died the day before Timberman and I actually cried. I never met this man, but I cried!

I've 'met' some other cancer patients through leroy's blogs who also have cancer blogs (see I do have other interests besides triathlon). One woman, Stephanie Dornbrook, who lived for two years longer than they told her she would, actually did everything to prepare for her death so that her family wouldn't have to. She ordered silk for the burial shroud, planned the funeral meticulously and divided her things between all four of her children in boxes for them to open after she died. She even gave the family the names of four friends to call, these four friends would call all of her other friends so that her family wouldn't have to make those calls. Wow! That was all I could say! Wow!

Then there's Tasha a blogger I initially followed because of her hilarious triathlon training commentary. Tasha was diagnosed with breast cancer last year; this diagnosis has actually made her blog even more entertaining. I love her; she's on my 'cancer sucks now go away' prayer list and I've only 'met' her on the internet.

Rachel Ross is another blogger friend. She was the first amateur woman to finish Kona in 2007, is an awesome athlete, mom and yes...blogger! She's so funny despite facing some incredible challenges this past year. I consider her someone I know, She makes me laugh. And she is on my 'migraines suck now go away' prayer list!

There are many other blogger friends I've made this past year. Some are funny, some are just sweet as hell(BreeWee) some share great training advice (Mary); all of them inspire me.

Friend: a person you know well and regard with affection.

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