Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Steve is a really impressive guy. As I observe him through this insanity he calls "training for Clearwater", I just have to say for the millionth time he is a really impressive guy. He is the most disciplined, enduring, strongest person I have ever met. And the really amazing thing is that he is so not egotistical about it. When he knows he has to do something, he just does it. And he can do quite a lot and never show any wear and tear.
Witness our trip a few years ago as we hiked into the Grand Canyon from the south rim. The before picture has us both looking bright, chipper and ready to conquer the canyon.

Eight hard hours of hiking later, it is obvious who the pillar of strength is and who was conquered by the canyon!

I'm looking forward to watching him race at Clearwater. It's going to be an exciting trip and an exciting race.


BreeWee said...

You and Steve are so cute! Everyone I know names Steve is an awesome person!

All the best to Steve leading up to Clearwater and of course the race! And to you too as the support crew!

Astro said...

I think your overinflated impression of me is skewed by our immense love for one another, but I'm not complaining, just humbled.